calibers / Kaliber

Ariste Racine started to produce his own movements in 1920, brand name AR. Around 1970 ENICAR stopped the production of movements to reduce costs. It used movements of ETA/Valjoux, Adolphe Schild (AS) and Felsa instead.

Um 1920 fing Ariste Racine an selber Rohwerke zu produzieren, Marke AR. Um 1970 hörte er mit der eigenen Produktion - aus Kostengründen - auf. ENICAR kaufte bei ETA/Valjoux, Adolphe Schild (AS) und Felsa ein.


AR1140 movement as used in Seapearl and many Sherpa models, without and with date, day and month

Valjoux 92 caliber, featuring a pillar/column wheel, used in many chronograph watches (ENICAR, ROLEX, etc.)

early ENICAR men's watch with common AS1009+date (Adolphe Schild) movement

ENICAR 17 jewels movement without a code

early ENICAR automatic movement AR1034 (aka AS1361N)

ENICAR movement AR-1120 (23 jewels), used in later ENICAR Sherpa's

ENICAR 'Rubirotor' 1126 movement (33 jewels)

Noname movement found in many early ENICAR Sport watches

early Quartz movement (ETA 944.111) for ENICAR Sherpa Quartz Date


An excellent site, maintained by Dr. Roland Ranfft in Germany, lists nearly all calibers ENICAR used in its watches.