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It is difficult to find watches with this name (AR = Ariste Racine). Most of these watches were (possibly) pocket watches. Above the very first pocket watch, ordered by foreign Army leaders with - either - a picture of the country's ruler or with a built-in compass. Interesting fact is that these compass-watches were also sold in the USA, as you can see above. The person in the lower section of the watch is the 28th President (1913-1921) of the USA, Thomas Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924).

Uhren mit dem Namen AR Ariste Racine sind heutzutage schwierig zu finden. Die meisten Uhren sind wahrscheinlich Taschenuhren. Oben eine Armbanduhr, möglicherweise im Auftrag des 28. US-Presidenten Thomas Woodrow Wilson versehen mit seiner Abbildung.

Although the above watch was marketed as a Racine watch, it is made by Hafis Watch Co. Biel (CH). As Ariste Racine tells us that he was able to produce 3,000 watches per day he probably outsourched parts of that production.

Obwohl die oben abgebildete Uhr verkauft wurde unter den Namen Racine, wurde sie von Hafis Watch Co. in Biel hergestellt. Da Racine uns mittels Inserate erzählte dass er 3.000 Uhren pro Tag herstellen konnte, hat er die Produktion sehr wahrscheinlich auch bei anderen Uhrmachern untergebracht.


An early Longeau wristwatch with separate second dial

eine frühe Longeau Armbanduhr mit separatem Sekundenzeiger


ENICAR pocket watches - Taschenuhren


Sport - Alprosa - Etsira (anagram of Ariste)

The Enicar Sport, Alprosa (both see above) and Savillon (see below) are almost identical: small case with dial/face with all 12 hours and central second hand. The mentioned models have movements made by Racine (AR-1000) or Schild (AS-1187/1194). Alprosa watches may have different letter types. Below an Alprosa alarm clock .

Die Enicar Sport, Alprosa (sehe oben) sind fast identisch: kleiner Kasten und Zifferblatt mit allen 12 Uhrzeiten und zentralem Sekundenzeiger. Die genannten Modelle haben Rohwerke von Racine (AR-1000) oder Schild (AS-1187/1194). Alprosa Uhren können andere Schriftzeichen haben. Unten ein Aplrosa Wecker.


Jules Racine

Both Racine, Lady Racine and Jules Racine named watches were sold by Jules Racine in New York, using (mainly) Gallet movements .

Sowohl Uhren mit den Namen Racine, Lady Racine und Jules Racine wurden verkauft von Jules Racine in New York, versehen mit hauptsächlich Rohwerke von Gallet.



Savillon wristwatches are similar to the abovementioned Sport and Alprosa

Savillon Armbanduhren sehen den obengenannten Sport und Alprosa ähnlich

The name 'Savillon' was used for alarm clocks as well.

Of course there are ENICAR alarm clocks!

Natürlich gibt es auch ENICAR Weckuhren!



Most watches and clocks carrying this name were travel clocks and alarm clocks.

Die meisten Uhren mit diesem Name waren Reiseuhren oder Weckuhren.


Seepearl - Ocean Pearl

After the success of the waterproof wristwatches names like Seapearl and Ocean Pearl (with date etc.) were common

Die erfolgreichen wasserdichten Armbanduhren wurden oft Seapearl und Ocean Pearl genannt



left: an early re-baptized Enicar Seapearl: Enicar Sherpa with AR-1140/013 caliber with 17 jewels; right: later and improved Sherpa with AR-1120 caliber with 23 jewels.

A very stylish Sherpa

An early Enicar Sherpa Quartz Date with ESA/ETA 944.111 (7 jewels) quartz movement


A very rare transparent ENICAR


Many watches were sold with names like

Sherpa Dive / Super Dive / Ultradive / Divette / Sherpa Time

in various cases without and with date, month etc.

Super-Divette, available in many colors, but featuring mainly automatic caliber 1145.

Sherpa Jet / Graph / GMT / Guide

Sherpa Guide featuring the 33-jewels movement (caliber 1125)


Enicar Chronograph with 1005CH (Valjoux 92) caliber (incl. pillar/column wheel) ; a similar watch is named 'Alprosa', too


One of the last ENICAR chronograph watches with ETA 256.241 Quartz movement

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